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Mc kenneth Licon
Aug 4 2010

and the red tiny lining on the shoes -- no need for another attention catcher, and as the title suggested 'casual friday' and when something referred to as casual, it's supposed to be silent.

thanks for the comment =D we surely have different views on this but that doesn't mean one is better than the other, it's all preference, & what works for a certain body type -- but I do think about it carefully when putting a look together.

Mc kenneth Licon
Aug 4 2010

no for me. the pants would look like un-hemmed if folded as you suggested. khaki is always meant to be from semi-casual to really-casual, in this look, the rolled up khaki matches the casualness of the *sheer-plain-white-ts* & the *rolled up denim shirt* + a very dress down sneakers.

I have done many nautical look already with a stripped ts, (that's if you checked my other styles) and I already have the denim shirt to catch attention + the belts (horizontal line definition)-- cont.

dion walker
Aug 4 2010

these pants would be nicer if you folded them the opposite way at the bottom,I would prefer to wear a striped shirt it always catches eyes before a solid color would.but its nice not to flashy but very casual ,NICE!!