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Brie Hedges
Jul 14 2010

I love this

Markell Goode
Jul 1 2010

Its ok ive heard it all before so i didnt get offended or anything, i just threw on some close and i appreciate that Sir Fashionisto xoxo

Mc kenneth Licon
Jul 1 2010

np. sorry I might have sounded a lil harsh -- but like I said, this has a lot of potential and I thought I'd let you know my point of view. the best thing too is to keep on tryin, experimenting, as long as ur not hurting anybody, go for it!



Markell Goode
Jul 1 2010

Thank you so much i really appreciate that, i had already had the jeans on so i said why not take some pics and i got the sock idea from you!!!

Mc kenneth Licon
Jul 1 2010

great accents on the socks =D huge potential on this look. the elements are just a lil broken in pieces. here are other options.

- the denim and the hat was out of context.
I would prefer a shorts with dressier material. the hat is left hanging and has no connection to the rest of the look

- another option is to, loose the blazer and the red socks... leave the white ts, the denim shorts, no-socks and just the shoes, no hat -- if you like to add the hat, wear a dressier looking shoes/sneakers