User Spotlight: This Week’s Delicious Style Picks!

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Oct 14th, 2010 in Announcements, Tips

We’re starting a new weekly tradition on the Fashion Hungry blog… starring YOU! Every week we’ll be featuring a few of our favorite user styles. Enjoy them. Be inspired. Add your own! Everyone who uploads a banging style photo to our library has a chance to be spotlighted!

If you like what you see, click on a style’s name to find out where individual items of clothing are from… then get shopping!

This week’s picks:

“Giraffe with Scarf” by Ben Liu

“Fake it and Flaunt it” by McKenneth Licon

“Classic Retro Meets Modern Feminine” by Brenna Mader

“Everyday You Bring a Smile to my Face” by Kelis Durham

“Parade for Pride” by McKenneth Licon (Yes, this style superstar made the list TWICE! Can you?)

“Vintage Core Modern Flare” by Elfee Duquette

“XZIBIT D”  and “EXIBIT A” by Mauricio Ravariere (Uh-oh… Mauricio vs. McKenneth??)

“Doll House” by Katelyn Dolezalik

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