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by mckenzie on Dec 16th, 2010 in Tips

I have asked myself a lot recently, how can I be stylish and warm? Whether you are in mild weather, somewhat brisky, or somewhere where it is freezing, these fashion bloggers have got you covered on what you should be wearing to stay chic.  The fall/winter is filled with neutral colors. Don’t be too blah. Take these tips and translate them into your own outfit!

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From left to right: Beth Jones from B. JonesStyle, Delmy Rivera from Fashion Bananas, Dylana Suarez from Nana In Wonderland, Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet

Beth styles her wide leg jeans with a cargo sweater, gray sweater, leopard belt, a hat, and some gold jewelry. This a very simple look. The key is to not have all solids. Spice up the outfit with a print in a belt or a scarf or some statement jewelry. Delmy wears a striking olive coat paired with a forest green and creme scarf. Her skinny jeans make the look clean cut and not looking too frumpy. She wears dark brown boots and layered over the jeans are socks. Dylana wears a cozy sweater and wide leg jeans with a chic hat. The hat makes it more interesting. Erika puts on a big coat in the snow using a scarf to make it look more interesting.  Love the classic red nail polish! The whole outfit has varying colors of brown.  Accessories change everything!

From left to right: Dylana Suarez from Nana In Wonderland, Rachella from The Only Fashion Princess, McKenzie Truman from GalWithCurves, Golestaneh Street Style

Dylana pairs a wintry knit over a flowy top to show different materials then uses tight fitting moto pants and chic boots that can be good in the snow but chic any other time! Notice how she uses red lipstick to make the colors not so dull. Rachella uses an olive color palette to stay warm. Her big scarf makes the look more interesting. The wintry print leggings catch the eye and seem like she’s ready to play in the snow any moment. McKenzie (who is yours truly) takes a tan tunic and keeps the colors simple with a black sweater underneath, leggings, and boots that are good in the weather. She used the belt to cinch the waist. The fourth girl took a sweater and made it look more clean by cuffing the sleeves. She paired it with a maxi skirt which keeps her warm and makes the look more dramatic. Anything maxi can be scary to try at times since it can be drastic. It’s worth it. Me, I love anything maxi because it shows how tall I am. Notice how she used accessories to make you look closer.

From left to right: Maria De La Cruz from Haute and Rebellious, NoirOhioVintage, Marcella from Fashion Distraction, Shalane from The Fashion Moodboard

Maria pairs a plain white tee with simple gray leggings as her start. When you don’t know where to start, put on basics and then from there you can try out different accessories and colors to add on. The boots add texture with the cinched leather. She added a taupe cardigan and then finally a a fur collar. The biggest pieces that make this outfit pop are the boots and fur. Notice how she used different colors of brown but it’s not tacky. The second girl paired edgy liquid leggings with a plaid flannel and a big coat with fur accents. She made this look stylish and vintage-y by wearing orange-y/red leather gloves and vintage glasses. She mixed modern and vintage together to get a quirky look that I love! Marcella used a trendy fur coat to make the statement in the outfit. She adds edge with the leather bag and sassy platforms. Shalane used khaki trousers with a cute belt and button down. That could have been fine alone but kind of boring. She added the fur vest which tied in the brown belt. Lace-up boots or just boots in general are perfect for fall and winter and will keep your toes warm.

From left to right: Emmi Tissari from No Fashion Victims, Charlene from Strutt La Mode, Madison Rothery from Fiction Living

Emmi took liquid leggings and added a plaid wrap to look cozy and warm but look cute. She stayed with just a black color palette besides the red to not get too overwhelming. She added a turban (which I love so much!) to make the look more chic. Notice how her hair color is a contrast to this outfit. That’s a good thing to consider, and with your skin tone. Certain things can wash you out. Charlene wrapped up in a leopard wintry blue shawl (which leopard is trendy for this season) and then again kept her colors black to not overwhelm. She used strappy sandals to add a little edge and then a hat to make it cute. Madison wore wide leg pants (that I love!) that are simple but different than the skinny jeans you always see and then with a cream fringe sweater made the outfit more casual. She added the beaded cross necklace for a subtle pop of color.

From left to right: Jen Humphrey from A Go-Go Fashion, Shannon Licari from Dirty Hair Halo, DonatilaRose, Caylee from If You Seek Style

Jen wore a delicate cream slip dress with an olive long sleeve tee. I love that because the olive color added some toughness to the dress. She then wore suede lace up booties and thigh highs. Not really any accessories for this outfit. Keeping it simple sometimes is the best. Showing leg is a statement especially when it is rarely seen during winter. Shannon used olive for her main color with a kind of cargo-y/let’s-get-down-to-business feel that she made chic and girly with a white tunic dress, a feathery necklace and girly polka dot tights. Donatila wore high-waisted jean shorts with a flowy white tee half tucked in. This year, I got past the border of my stubbornness with tucking in shirts. It can truly change your whole look! So try it! I love the gold necklace she wore with the paisley scarf. She then wore kinda brown tights and cute clogs. Caylee looks hott in a mini dress with a big brown blazer with fur. See how she wears both black and brown? Love the timeless quilted purse she has.

From left to right: Justyna Baraniecki from chichichic, Martina Corradetti from The Fashion Coffee, Marcella from Fashion Distraction, Justyna Baraniecki from chichichic,

Find the perfect thing to wear to all of your upcoming holiday parties! Sequins and chunky jewelry are big! Wear jewel tone colors and silvers and golds.

Justyna wears a satin-y leopard button down that kinda has a sheen to it with black trousers and classic heels. I love how she wore the cross to make it more modern and then wore polka dot tights to bring another print to the table but also to make it more fun. Martina wore a beautiful statement feather skirt with a pale pink top and matched glam accessories with it. Notice that she didn’t go over-the-top with her shoes. Such a fun outfit to wear to a holiday party. Marcella is wearing just a casual day outfit but makes it more glam with a sequined jumper. Love her cute shorts with the buttons!  Justyna wore a sequined striped shirt to make it fun and then adds class with a blazer, cropped pants, and the cutest loafers!

Hope this helped in some little way to inspire you! To keep being inspired, visit some of these lovely ladies’ blogs which they update almost every other day!


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Casee Marie
Dec 21 2010

This is such a beautiful post, Mckenzie! I haven't visited many of these blogs before so you've given me a LOT of inspiration. I love Rachella's patterned leggings, way too cute. And I love your insights into each style. I'm so excited to check out each individual blog. Lovely job!