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Toronto’s entertainment industry is thriving and receiving a lot more attention than in previous years. Today, Toronto houses some of Canada’s favourite and most influential Canadian TV personalities. The professionals of have complied a list of the top 10 most fashionable faces in Toronto broadcasting. Although, there were many other Toronto based TV personalities that ranked rather high in our regard. These ten have always demonstrated great style, impeccable taste and more importantly; successful ensembles that make a statement. In no particular order, let me present you with Toronto’s Top 10 most fashionable television hosts; Tracey Moore (City Line), Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television), Sarah Taylor (Much Music), Amber MacArthur (Web Nation), Dan Levy (MTV), Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada), Matte Babel (CP24), Nicole Holness (MTV),  Steven & Chris (CBC) and Devon Soltendieck (Much Music).

Tracey Moore (City line)

Trendy, clean and on point are just a few words to describe Tracey’s style.  Her look is classic and never over done.  She has the ability to change her fashion with the seasons and always manages to look fabulous.

Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television)

Two words: fashion forward.  She has been the face of emerging fashion for over 20 years and her personal style speaks to her expertise. She can regularly be found wearing well fitted, sharp shaped – clean lined clothing that always neatly turn out.

Sarah Taylor (Much Music)

This girl can pretty much make any pair of skinny jeans and cute t-shirt look super hot.   Her look is always funky, fresh and a style all of her own. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to mixing colours, fabrics, textures and prints!

Amber MacArthur (Web Nation)

The edgy girl next door.  Amber’s look is simple, appropriate and understated. Her style for the real world; as her fashion always looks effortless yet well put together.

Dan Levy (MTV)

Is one of the most stylish men of MTV Canada. Sharp, chic and sophisticated; his style speaks to the modern day man yet appeals to countless woman. He loves to accessorize and can always find creative ways to match his ensembles.

Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada)

Cheryl Hickey
Ten out of ten, this glamorous girl can’t help but sparkle. Cheryl’s fashion is high-end, feminine and classy.  She fits right in with the Hollywood stars that surround her.

Matte Babel (CP24)

Weather he is rocking his sporty casual or sophisticated urban look, it’s hard for this guy not to look good. Matte’s style is universal; as he easily appeals to the young urban crowd as well the older black tie generation. Recently, his look has become much more refined but he never seems to lose his masculine tone.

Nicole Holness (MTV)

Sexy, sultry, stylish and hip don’t even do this woman justice.  Her style constantly moves with the latest trends. From dresses to jackets Nicole’s inner confidence completes any outfit she wears.

Steven & Chris (CBC)

Smart, trimmed and tailored are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing these two gentlemen s’ style.  Neither are afraid to take fashion risks and both always manage to pull off fashion forward trendy looks.

Devon Soltendieck (Much Music)

From daytime- laid back casual to evening suit chic, Devon has the rare ability to pull off any look that he likes. His fashion choices match his personality, vibrant in both spoken words and expression of style.


Sharlene Voronica

Fashion Publicist


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