Topshop Comes to Canada!

by gia on May 28th, 2010 in Announcements


Toronto fashionistas get ready for the awesomeness that is Topshop, because it’s officially on it’s way to the city…and it’s about damn time!

It was recently announced that Toronto retail store Jonathan + Olivia, which is located in Ossington, will be opening up an 800 square foot Topshop boutique.  The uber trendy British high-street store currently has 300 locations in the UK alone and 100 stores internationally, and is set to open it’s doors in the big T.O on June 19th at 9 am.

Having fallen in love with Topshop while living in London, I was super excited when they opened a store in New York City. Now, with a location right at home, I’m beyond excited!  Shopaholics in the city and within a 5 hour driving distance are probably rejoicing and counting down the days.  Come June 19th, expect hundreds of stylish shoppers to hit the shopping floor at Johnathan + Olivia, and give their debit and credit cards one hell of a workout.


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