This Week’s Fashion News Fix

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Oct 15th, 2010 in News

Some the most interesting and entertaining tidbits from this week’s news cycle!

1. Katy Perry, Akon, Adriana Lima, and a $2.5 million Diamond Fantasy Bra are scheduled to appear at the annual televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The sexiest night on Television will air Nov. 30th on CBS. Unfortunately, this year’s show will have to g0 on without Heidi Klum, who retired her wings last month.

2. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfield is creating the very first “fashion island.” The island, “Isla Moda” is situated 20 km off the coast of Dubai and will cover 120 million square feet. The stylish destination will included over 150 luxury properties, three five-star hotels, and a plethora of top designer boutiques. The project won’t be complete until 2014, but CGI images were released to tease us!

3. Jersey Shore stars Snooki and J-Woww attempt high fashion in NYC. Their success, debatable. But they do look less orange! I actually do like J-Woww’s black mesh frock and white blazer.

4. EVERYTHING LG FASHION WEEK! You do not want to miss this week of spectacular style, shows, and parties!  The Toronto Star has great coverage of the whole thing, so check out some of these articles to get you armed and ready for the wonderful madness ahead:

Fashion week’s quiet heroes: the volunteers - 500 volunteers keep shows running smoothly both in front of and behind the camera

The fashion pack’s preferred party places - Get your martini on! No one does it like the fashion industry.

Toronto fashion week: 25 years of trendsetters and troublemakers - Cool timeline of Fashion Week history in Toronto. What will make headlines this season??

Fashion Week: Six Canadian designers to watch – Couldn’t agree more with their picks! Especially Amanda Lew Kee.

Fashion Hungry will also have full coverage of the excitement next week. Stay tuned!

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