Summer Wear Ideas for Men & Women

by Taja Scott on Apr 28th, 2011 in Announcements, News, Tips
Summer… out of all seasons, can feel like the least inspring season to show your style cravings. You either spend too much time at the beach or  you spend all your time indoors because of the overshadowing heat. You dish out the layering of shirts and you tend to find nothing in your closet because of the previous seasons. How can you find a great summer trend without feeling so hot and unfashionable? Well for women, skirts, lace, and dresses will always be a must have. There cool, comfortable and cute.
For men, trousers, shorts and knits is a constant trend especially during the dramatic summer weather. Also, it’s been said that for an overall trend for everyone, vivid prints, and stripes are key to a fashionable look for summer. The main theme you’ll find this summer is classic, bold, and edgy wear that’s adored by vivid colors and neutral colors. Even, black and white fashion is defined as an easy big color trend that will significantly define your look. If you remember back at the Spring/Summer Runway season you will find that black and white fashion’s were big and  most fashion designer’s showed black and white in some fashion or another.  Just think about it, black and white is a tradition. You can’t go to wrong with it. As summer time rolls in remember that it’s all about cool neutral colors and the common trend of bold yet classy looks.

Now let’s take a look at summer ideas for men

If your more into a  business casual look, you can definitely sport a suit or sportcoat over the summer. The way to do so is by finding the right kind of fabric and a great light color. Find a suit or sportcoat that has a  soft shoulder, side vents and rare pleated patch pockets. This will give you great versatility and breathing room.   

Trousers: For a pool party, you can sport a traditional trouser with a button down dress shirt. Some trousers are plain, pleated, in the most fashionable colors like sky blue, white and yellow. It’s perfect for an outdoor event.

Dress shirts: You can never go wrong in wearing a dress shirt. With patterns trending from classic to bold, you can easily sport a nice look in colors like pink, melon or lavender.  For a more casual office look, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt with a v-neck collar that contrasts with any business casual trouser. If you like to war long-sleeves, you can pick a sheer, sleek fabric that has a brightly colored stripped design to complement any pants wear.


As for a fun in the sun look, you need the right accessories like sunglasses, sunblock, lots of water and of course a white tee with the coolest pair of shorts whether they are textured or plain. It’s important to dress how you want to dress while staying cool.

Let’s check out some summer ideas for women

Women love to dress dazzling for the summer adding  many accessories that could would make us even hotter. Why not try a few accessories and still continue dressing like the fashionista you are.

One of the common trends for women during the summer are big, bold, neutral colored hats. They are self-styling and they keep you cool. Many women wear them to the beach or an outing for the outdoors. Their a great necessity and asset to your wardrobe.

What about hipsters ? There comfortable and made in many different ways like skirts, shorts and even pants. But sticking to the trend. The hipster skirts and shorts are perfect for a girly yet cool look. Their even tailored giving you a chic style that not many could say, they could pull off.

Another summer idea for women would be a vivid colored or patterend dress. There so stylish and comfortable to the fact that you forget your in the overbearing weather.

Last but not least, the lace! Lace is shown everywear now as the newest idea in fashion. You can find lace in many different typesof clothing like shirts, skirts and dresses. Adding lace to a stylish handbag or any outfit will surley dazzle up your outift.

What are some summer wear ideas? How can you stay cool and fashionable during the summer? Comment on this blog to let myself and others know.


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robert hass
Jun 14 2011

Cool ideas......
I like this summer collection....