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by Taja Scott on Apr 4th, 2011 in Product Reviews, Tips

Right now is not the greatest time to splurge on jewelry, but you still have a quench to do so! Well, there are many ways to get around those economic woes and still have the chance to shop for your favorite accessory. Instead of shopping extravagantly, shop smart by purchasing simple jewelry that won’t hurt your wallet. Usually, big and bold jewelry gives two distinct feelings in being safe and elaborate. These feelings have played out during  our rough economic times and now we have a different feeling… feelings of  hope and balance. These feelings can be obtain once we have found that balance in what we choose to spend our money on.

As consumers, when feeling overwhelmed we tend to focus on the simple, warm colored designs. Sometimes, plain materials even the eco-friendly trend seems like the best choice in our everyday selections. Unknowingly, earth colors and semi-precious stones became a common trend during this time and later became a trend for Spring 2011. Even necklaces have gone simplier with the graceful strands streaming a charmful look.  These new looks have toned prices down giving us security that we can shop within our means.

Looking at pearls being a key player in jewelry, we see them in various unique looks more than ever. Many store sell pearls whether they are off-brand or a high priced choice, they are always known to sell because of it’s simple yet elaborate look. The tones of pearls will always match your wardrobe and it convey’s that sense of hope during this time of recession. Purchasing pearls is a smart choice that will continuously travel  with you through each and every season.

In order to shop for jewlery at the right price, one should notice the trend in jewelry. There are combinations and repitition in how jewelry is designed based upon the season. Let’s take a look at the current trend.

  • Hoop earrings
  • Bulky (over the top) rings
  • Necklaces that are unusal and dramatic
  • Vintage and antique jewelry that’s combined
  • Black, Grey, & Neutral jewelry (Never goes out of style)
  • Pearl earrings, bracelets and necklaces
  • Big, bold bracelets
  • Rhinestoned earrings

What jewelry colors suit you best this spring?

Spring jewelry is essential for any look. Although, Spring has arrived weeks ago, it’s never too late to shop for jewelry that accentuates your spring wardrobe. Color trends are very key in this season’s jewelry. Without the right colored jewelry, your entire look can go from exciting to dull right before your eyes.

According to Pantone, the top spring colors for women are honeysuckle, russet, coral rose, regatta, blue curacao, peapod, beeswax, lavender, silver peony, and silver cloud. These color trios can help you decide what jewelry to rock throughout the season.

  Look for a color that compliments “you” perfectly. 

Some of my favorite stores like H&M and Forever 21 have the best Spring selections in reasonably priced jewelry. They all have beautiful colors that will attract attention to the eyes of the beholder.

Below I have selected a few items from H&M and Forever 21 that were perfect for this season’s trend plus, they are at a great price ($7 dollars and under)!


What cute round earrings! They are perfect for this spring’s trend. The combination of Regatta blue and Beeswax gold is a great combination especially when the sun shines on them.   

Taking a look at Forever 21 bracelets, it’s combined of numerous colors and various counts of a bracelet containing the colors Regatta, Peapod and Honeysuckle. It’s like the perfect bracelet. 

This thin, simple necklace showcases the very colors of peapod and regatta giving a charmful look that would look great with a plain t-shirt or dress.


I personally love, H&M’s blend of rings because there are various pairs you can wear with many different outfits. Only costing $3.99, it was simply worth it!  (I just bought this exact pair)

Download Pantone’s free Fashion Color Report for Spring 2011 (PDF).

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Jun 14 2011

So pretty jewelery.......

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Apr 6 2011

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