Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen S/S11

by lilfashionisto on Jun 23rd, 2010 in Shows

After being given HUGE shoes to fill, Sarah Burton (Lee McQueen’s long time head of design), continues the legacy that the great late designer left behind. Her first collection for the line showed drama and fantasy that even McQueen himself would be proud of.





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The collection was not your typical one as it was done as a tribute to McQueen and his works, which explains its lack of consistency; hence the incoherent choice of fabrics, the contradicting silhouettes, and the piece-y patterns and prints.

Most of the pieces were the usual McQueen looks that I’ve always loved. My favorite pieces were the dramatic floral coat and the smoked-sheen blazer as they evoked fantasy and elegance. Of course, the collection is not without fault. I personally did not like the loose fitting trouser with huge pockets on the sides (or any of the pocketed trousers for that matter), as they tend to give off a dated vibe. Neither was I a big fan the over-the-top undone cuffs and the bright red double-breasted velvet blazer paired up with loose tribal printed trousers (quite reminiscent of McQueen’s Fall/Winter10 collection). Overall, while the individual pieces were interesting, Sarah and her team fell short in putting them together as one strong and cohesive collection

Nevertheless, it is McQueen, and I have nothing but respect for Sarah for sticking to his vision. Hats off to Sarah for giving her best and taking on a quite tremendous challenge. While it is understandable that a fashion house must stick to its founder’s vision, the fashion world is definitely not expecting replicas of previous collections but a new vision that is consistent with the fashion house’s image. Sarah, in all fairness, has just achieved that with this collection.


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