Review: TNK Leathers with Quality

When you think of TNK… What comes to mind? Craft? Style? Quality? TNK Leathers is all that and above. Since 1985, TNK Leathers has continuously developed better products for consumers and commercial importers. It’s essential to TNK to raise the standards of design, quality, durablity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. “Their goal is to give the customer best value for money, and happiness by having their products, in low prices as possible.”

TNK Leathers provides leather wallets for men and stylish clutch bags for women. They design their products according to the feel of consumers needs and wants. They understand that customers lifestyle is important in presence and style. In obtaining the consumers preference, TNK’s designers are in direct contact with the consumers by listening to their feedback on it’s products. This is one of the key elements that makes TNK Leathers have true meaning of quality.  

One of the benefits in shopping with TNK Leathers, is the ever low prices and free shipment no matter where you are located. They accept money bookers (another form of online payment) and a secure way of shopping for it’s consumers. Giving the consumers a shopping experience they deserve.

Discovering the meaning of true quality, we would like to review with you TNK’s purses and wallets. Let’s take a look below for the newest innovative designs produced within purses and wallets.

Catering to the women, there are three purses sporting a simple elegance for an everyday casual look. Handbags are essential for a women’s life. These handbags are categorized as fashion handbags and simplistic handbags. Fashion handbags are slightly small and/or designed with a dazzling look. They are handbags for those who want to show off their sense of style throughout the world. ”The most gracious handbags are those which have a blend of simplicity and fashion.”

The Mulit-Colored Handbag

 Accentuating fall colors, this hand bag is made in cow leather which accessorize every women’s look. The cost for this handbag is only $50.00 giving you the quality that you need at a low price.

Looking at this chic green handbag shows the ideal of simplicity. The straps are great for an over the shoulder look as it’s conveyed by the parrallel designs on each side. This handbag is also made up of cow leather costing $50.00.

This trendy red handbag presents a sporty look for any casual wear. Costing only $55.00, it’s appealing, unique, and stylish. Purchase it today and fall in love with your new handbag.

Now, let’s take a look at Men’s wallets. 

Men leather wallets are made up of genuine leather. They are eco-friendly causing no harm to the environment. Wallets are a great gift for men because it’s an necessity plus it keeps their personal belongings in a safe stylish carrier. Some wallets are trifold wallets which can carry more things than the average leather wallet. Let’s take a look at TNK’s Mens wallets.  

This brown leather wallet has two compartments and six card holders. It’s perfect for a business or a casual look. Only costing $35.00, this wallet would be the perfect gift for a great guy.

For a fashionable male, this flip style wallet would accentuate his overall look. If you like the ideal of a sleek and bold wallet, this one would be a great choice for you. Having 19 card holder slots and two compartments, TNK Leathers has made this wallets available for only$30.00.

 Last but not least, is TNK’s brown leather wallet with ring holders. At a price of $55.00, this very unique diversed wallet is crafted with a complete innovative style. Not many men can say that they have a wallet such as this. It includes eleven card holders and two compartments. Would you like to see yourself sporting this wallet?

For more information on TNK Leathers you can visit their website and check them out on Twitter.

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