Practical AND Stylish? Cougar’s Back With Perfect Boots!

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Nov 16th, 2010 in Product Reviews

Classic Canadian boot brand, Cougar, is back and better than ever!

Based out of Burlington, ON, Cougar first made its mark with the Pillow Boot. Introduced in the 1970s, the boot made of tan leather, red lining and a unique bubbly-puffy shape quickly gained popularity. The Pillow Boot was work boot-inspired winter footwear for men, women, and children that promised comfort, quality, and style. It was durable enough to make it through harsh winters full of ice and slush; while being fashion-forward enough to strut down city streets. A tough mix to master. A testament to the boot’s all-around awesomeness, over 8 MILLION Canadians sported the iconic Cougars before they were retired in 1985.

Now, for Winter 2011/2011, Cougar is back! With some re-branding, the boot company delivers its same historic quality and practicality twisted with some new hot styles. One big switch-up is in the boots’ very fabric. Many of the new Cougars are made from rubber, one of the trendiest materials in recent boot fashion. Some boots even boast ultra-trendy faux fur trims. New looks range from tough-biker to chic little ankle booties. There’s something in this collection for everyone in need of protection from pesky puddles and snow piles (in Canada, that’s ALL of us)!

Cougar even has a new slogan, which I absolutely love: “For the world you walk on. Love what you wear.”

I was lucky enough to test out some of the new Cougar boots over the last couple weeks. The two models I tried were the Tibet Black Rain Boot and the Ravishing Black Winter Boot. I must say, I was extremely impressed. It’s rare a brand lives up to all its hype, but Cougar definitely did!

The Tibet Black Rain Boot is made of rubber and has a polar fleece lining. It retails for $75.00. It’s temperature rating is 0°C to -24°C / 32°F to -11°F and is waterproof guaranteed for six months… talk about great quality for a bargain! Not only are these babies incredibly tough and durable, they look and feel great on! I’ve had some experiences with rather uncomfortable, blister-inducing rubber boots, but this wasn’t one of them. I could walk for miles in these, and look hot while doing it! I particularly like the unique sock-inspired collar on the booties. Great aesthetic touch. This model is also available in red for a little more oomph!

My Ravishing Black Winter Boot was equally impressive. These beauties are made from nylon and suede, with polar plush lining. This boot’s temperature rating is -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F; perfect for devilishly cold Canadian winters. It retails for $170.00.  I love the faux fur trim on these and the ornate design detailing on the boot’s body. I’ve had to sacrifice cuteness for warmth and sanity in the past, but not this season! From a practical standpoint, they’re strong-gripped, obviously top quality, and supremely comfortable with thick cozy soles. The cord lock lacing system even allows you to adjust the boot’s tightness! They’re even PVC free, meaning no toxic plastics are used in their production. You really can’t ask for more in a boot.

If hasn’t been clear thus far, I obviously highly recommend the new Cougar boots! Visit the Cougar site or find your closest Cougar Boots retail store here! My feet will stay warm, dry, and stylish this winter… will yours?

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