PF Flyer Art and Sole 2010 Soaring Success!

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Sep 13th, 2010 in Events

Toronto art and fashion aficionados crowded into the Red Bull 381 Projects on Friday night for a unique exhibit showcasing the twists 40 Canadian artists put on classic PF Flyer sneakers.

The incredibly entertaining result stemmed from a simple idea. Top Canadian painters, graffiti artisits, sculptors, and conceptual artists were given a pair of Archival Reissue PF “Bob Cousy All American” shoes; the brand relinquished all thematic control and artists went wild.

The collection of finished sneakers was a visual feast, ranging from the simple to extreme and eccentric. The variety of mediums used was outstanding. Sneakers were brushed with paint, covered with glitter, pimped out with hair extensions, and even attached to tables. Every sneaker was interesting and special as the last.

Subject matter also changed dramatically from shoe to shoe. Some were simply treats for the eyes, while others played with coy (and sometimes humourous) sexual innuendo. Several had political undertones, such as the sneakers fashioned to imitate a blackened oil-slicked duck.

One popular piece was created to look like a walking table. Shoes were attached to each of the four table legs and positioned to appear in motion. The catch here was two artists had to collaborate since only one pair of PF Flyers was given to each party. The artists had to find each other, agree to pair up, and co-create a piece of art representative of both their styles. Thank goodness they did, because the end result was easily one of the most popular and intesting pieces on display.

The 381 Red Bull Projects was a great venue for the event, with music playing late into the night and a classy lounge atmosphere.

This was the sixth Art and Sole event. The exhibition appears in four cities across Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto) and the shoes are auctioned off benefiting the artists and charity. I completely and thoroughly enjoyed this event mixing fashion, art, supporting Canadian causes… and yes, Red Bull. Bring on Art and Sole 2011, please!

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