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by Taja Scott on Jul 12th, 2011 in Designers, News, Product Reviews

Ladies, imagine a collection that strives to bring you affordable accessories while enhancing your wardrobe. Imagine a collection that gives you the opportunity to make a fashion statement you’ve always wanted.  Well… no need to imagine any longer, with you can obtain solutions to your wardrobe and more. helps you enhance your natural beauty with the Soul Beautiful Silicone Enhancer Collection. The collection has  solutions which fixes wardrobe malfunctions with any bra in seconds. The Soul Beautiful enhancers and accessories are designed to make women feel confident while showcasing your inner beauty. recently launched and has become Canada’s one stop shop for silicone enhancers and bra accessories. The enhancers and accessories are given to illuminate women’s beauty, confidence, and story. Being women themselves, Soul Beautiful knows a collection that presents a unique, customizable, and affordable accessories will provide women with the chance to shape and enhance their overall look.

 Soul Beautiful has 5 Must Haves for Summer:

  • Enhancer Collection-creates natural cleavage, lift and shape.

  • Bathing Suit Enhancer-gives you extra oomph and support in your bikini.

  • Fashion Tape-keeps strapless numbers & any clothing in place.

  • Strap Solutions-transforms your bra into an instant racer back.

  • Nipple Covers-creates smooth looks under sheer and clingy fabrics.

The Enhancer Collection will enhance your bust-line by one, two, or even three sizes. The regular enhancer is made of  a soft silicone material that will feel like your own. Costing only $25.99, this enhancer is a perfect fit and feel giving you a natural confidence. 

The Toolkit Collection consists of four different wardrobe solutions such as nipple covers, fashion tape, bra extender hooks, and strap solutions. These four products range from $5.99 to $7.99. You can’t beat that price!

The Bra Strap Collection is one of my favorites. This collection provides bra straps in various ways. Some are stylish and others are clear giving you the variety to style your bra according to what you wear. This collection price ranges from $5.99 to $8.99.

Last but not least, Bags and Accessories Collection which will help you store and travel in style. These accessories are amazingly designed to dazzle up your look. In this collection is a lingerie bag to protect your undergarments. Including accessory travel cases, convient and affordable. Prices to be announced.

To see how Soul Beautiful product really works, try the interactive dressing room experience on their website. The dressing room will enable you to try the enhancers and accessories on a real model. There you will see the difference Soul Beautiful enhancers make in lingerie, a t-shirt, dresses and swimwear.

You can view Soul Beautiful collection online by going to Also, follow them on Twitter @SoulBeautifulCA and on Facebook


Let your beauty glow. Tell your story with Soul Beautiful.

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