Men’s Fashion: Sport Coats & Blazers

by Taja Scott on Jan 29th, 2011 in Announcements, Designers, News, Tips

Blazers and Sports Coats are very effective in men’s fashion. They give a groomed look for almost any occasion. Some of the most popular looks for men are blazers and sports coats, but they can be tricky to choose.  Some men find it hard in choosing when to wear a sports coats. It’s not a suit jacket for an interview, and it’s not a sweater coat; a sports coat is somewhere in between a formal wear coat and a casual jacket. How do you decipher when is it appropriate to wear a sports coat while staying stylish?

This men’s sports coat and blazer blog will help you to distinguish what suits you best. What are the differences between a sports coat and a blazer? The terms are often used interchangeably, and yet they are two different things. ”The difference between a men’s sport coat and a suit jacket is also subtle but worth nothing. The main difference: A suit jacket has a matching pair of pants and a sport coat does not. Also, the sport coat is usually made of more casual fabrics than a suit jacket, and sometimes a sports coat has a looser, more casual fit.”

For sports coat and blazers trends today, the details and colors aren’t limited to their pasts. They define their own sense of style to set the tone for men’s clothing at it’s best.

Let’s take a look at the blazers below:



Vivienne Westwood has unique tailoring that remains a  fashion-forward for men around the world.  ”This Spring 2011 season houses a number of double breasted blazers and exaggerated lapels (which on their own are already a bold statement) created out of solid metallic, plaids and check fabrics, which demonstrate an infusion of a “smart” British style.”

Eden Park Spring/Summer 2011 Piped Blazer Preview: Looking at a piped blazer from its collection. “A classic warm weather option for men, this blue blazer features white contrast piping throughout, and a beautiful crew crest on the breast, appealing to the rower in you.”

Sport Coats

A tweed men’s sport coat made of pure, virgin wool and handwoven in Scotland.  ” Though worthy of comparison to the original tweed jacket, lightened interior details, common in the past, makes it more comfortable for you today.”

Go out today and purchase your blazer or sports coat. Ladies, for Valentines Day buy your  spouse a nice jacket. He’ll love it!

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