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by Taja Scott on Feb 21st, 2011 in Designers, News, Product Reviews, Tips

Every ending has a new beginning or is it every ending of each season has a new beginning? As Spring  slowly eases into the atmosphere, we quickly have to scramble through our wardrobe for our best Spring wear. It’s not too hard to find skirts, shorts, dresses, and our favorite tees, but is it hard to make a statement with last years clothing style?

Spring clothing consists of soft colors with light materials that are perfect for the weather. You can combine pencil skirts and tanks, vintage plaid dresses with a cute sweater, and tapered boyfriend pants with a tunic. Utilize previous clothing styles by matching up what you’ve never tried before and see how it turns out. Not to over due your styling, you can manage what you wear by trying various looks with different styles.

If you would like to mix your favorite skirt with a new top, I’d say try it! There are plenty of stores  where you can find great bargain’s on tops and other spring wear. One of my favorite stores to shop for Spring wear is Forever 21. They have the best selections for cute, and vintage wear, plus it’s worth the price. New arrivals are exciting to look forward to, especially when a shirt cost as low as $6 dollars.

Patterns are big in Spring wear. The flowery skirts and stripped T-shirts are fashionable trends that are contagious in it’s fashion sense. Even simple toned colors are trendsetting for this seasons look. Browse through your wardrobe and find patterns that  match up with chic or vintage wear. It could make a fashion statement from your wardrobe.

 Last years Spring trends are carried over into this years overall look. Take a look below for examples of Spring wear that can make a great fashion statement.

Strip Shirt Look at it’s best

This look is very easy to put together. With an old pair of your favorite dark pants and a cute striped top, you will be ready to sport your Spring look.

Sweater shirt with shorts

Who doesn’t love the cute-causal girl look? With a sweater for the semi-warm weather and a hat to accesorize an every day look, one can show-off their fashion taste.

Spring dress showing a casual, comfortable look

Dresses are perfect for spring weather. It’s adorable and less to throw on while your in a hurry for a date, brunch or gathering. Mix your look up with a belt to dress up or dress down your look.

A simple dress with style

Adding a scarf to a simple dress can send a fashion statement to your wardrobe. Since scarves are in, why not try it.

Sophisticated outfit that shows glamour

Spring does not have to consist of simple, casual looks. You can jazz it up with beige colors, heels, and a business like skirt. You’ll be sure to make a fashion statement with this look.

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