LGFW Review: OR by Angela Chen

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Nov 5th, 2010 in Shows

I have only one complaint about OR by Angela Chen’s S/S 2011 show at LG Fashion week… it made me hopelessly crave the beach and sweet sunshine fully knowing I have about eight more months of frigid Toronto winter! But a beautiful tease her collection did make.

Angela reversed this season’s hard and gloomy trends with playful silhouettes, light fabrics, delicate detailing, and an overall optimistic vibe. The refreshing and relaxed collection drew inspiration from ethereal creatures, warm winds, and Randal Kleiser’s film “The Blue Lagoon.” With its soft nature and oceanic color palette featuring beige and pale blue hues, Angela’s garments seemed to romantically whisper sweet nothings of tender passion and young girls’ dreams to the audience.

Pleated draping and asymmetrical silhouettes showcased Angela’s true design talent and made for some of my favorite pieces. I particularly loved her unique and wearable jackets. They were in excellent contrast to this season’s straight, conservative lines.

I also fawned over Angela’s use of deep, oversized pockets. I think this is a style that’s hard to get right, leading many well-intentioned designers to make curvy girls look frumpy and bottom-heavy. Angela’s pockets were carefully tailored in such a way that real women could easily slip into this comfortable trend.

The collection dabbled in ombre hand-dying techniques, which were also a key feature in one of my other favorite collections of the week, Denis Gagnon’s S/S 2011. This is definitely going to be a big upcoming trend to keep an eye on.

Overall, Angela’s new collection was crisp and simple in its feminine beauty. She experimented with several trends and new textures without sending models down the runway looking like fashion victims. The future looks bright for OR and Angela!

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