LGFW Review: Amanda Lew Kee

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Nov 9th, 2010 in Shows

Recent Ryerson graduate Amanda Lew Kee debuted her second-ever collection and first LGFW collection to the delight of Canadian fashion lovers. One of the hottest young names in the industry, Amanda did not disappoint.

Amanda impressed by showing a dramatically different collection from her first. Her debut line was rock star tough; full of chains, studs, and leather. Black dominated. This time around, Amanda showed a romantic collection starring neutral tans and occasional pastel hues. Sheer dresses, a beaded miniskirt, and a gorgeous long flowing gown rounded out the show. She credited nature with being her inspiration.

Although Amanda’s collection was earthy with natural inspirations, the looks still managed to emit a forward and futuristic vibe. They were also surprisingly wearable. The only remnant of an edgier Amanda was in the standout, oversized zipper detailing on several tops and dresses.

Striking pastel blue lipstick on the models and Amanda was a showstopper in itself. It added a futuristic tribal feel to the collection without overpowering the actual garments. The perfect cosmetic compliment.

Amanda’s creativity and talent for working with and mixing various fabrics showed any remaining doubters she really is Canadian fashion’s next big thing. Many much more experienced designers lack the versatility possessed by this young starlet. I must also tip my hat to the show’s artistic quality and original choreography. I can’t wait to see what Amanda’s brilliant design genius comes up with next!

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