Key Looks: Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

by Taja Scott on Jan 24th, 2011 in Announcements, News, Tips

As we continue our new year, we take a look into the upcoming trends for the seasons to come… by that we mean Spring Trends. Not everyone can stay up to date with  common trends. So, we at Fashion Hungry try our best to keep our friends and family updated. Let’s move forward from the economic woes of recent history and step further into an unexpected change in fashion. For spring 2011, we will see styles from 70′s wear, 60′s ladylike wear to biker wear and notice that last decades are present for spring fashion. We can add that 2011 spring fashion trends will cost more and we will buy less. That means better quality and less bland. Better pieces to show off and fewer indulgences.

What are those show off pieces, you say? Read on to find out.

70′s Glamour

 We all want a sophisticated look for our wardrobe but how could we put it together? Each 70′s look for spring has it’s own essential vibe for a 70′s glamour. The picture above shows a vintage 70s glamour with a classy appeal.

 Checking out this sophisticated yet lively look to our 70s glamour spring trend, we notice that colors are essential to spring wear as well as the bold look in accessories.

Biker Chic

Trends are known to evolve like military styles and skinny jeans, so why not Biker chic wear. This look is not only fierce, it’s completely adorable! Who wouldn’t wear something like this.

Biker chic is so trendy that even men could wear it. With this look, we see a leather jacket, solid black  pants, and fashionable boots. It’s so simple and trendy, why not tag along and wear biker chic?!

Punk Fashion


 Punk Fashion has different elements of influence. It may seem hard to pull it off, but it’s easy to put it together once you have fun with it. In the photo above, this chic, eye catching outift shows that punk fashion is still alive. Try something new this spring and see how much you would like this style.


 Looking at this photo, you first notice the chain & zipper jacket in it’s compelling color. It brings you to the comfortable style of punk fashion and it shows that any girl can rock dainty shorts, boots and a thrilling jacket. But don’t over wear your clothing. Keep it simple without being too stylish.

6o’s Ladylike

 When you think of 60′s ladylike clothing, you don’t think of colorful shoes and a vibrant top. You think of the puffy skirts and uncomfortable stockings. Well, in the picture above it shows you a whole “new” look to 60′s clothing. I personally like the handbag and chic top. Whether your going on a picnic or to a casual gathering with friends, I say, wear an outfit like this. Watch & see what your girl friends might say to you!

Who doesn’t love to wear white? In this photo, 60′s ladylike portrays a bit of fashion innocence. You can wear this to any elegant or casual occasion and still receive compliments. Anyone can pull this look off. Give it a try. You may find a new look for your spring 2011 attire.


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