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by Taja Scott on Feb 8th, 2011 in Announcements, News, Tips

What are lookbooks? How do they help a fashionista like me?

Lookbooks are essential to fashion trendsetters and companies. Many businesses, models, fashion designers and photographers use Lookbooks to showcase their line of work as well as their likes on fashion trends. Lookbooks can be considered as portfolios, but they represent a product that provides visual samples of a designer’s work or a personal love for various style. I’m not too sure about the term “Lookbook” and where it came from, it’s somewhat new. I would say it came from colleges, when students decided to put together collages of their fashion obsession. A way to start creating a Lookbook would be finding a 3-ring binder that’s not too fancy, but something that you could use to present a booklet of fashion visuals. Make sure your putting together styles that “you” love, in order to make it your very own Lookbook.  Use selections of photos from magazines like Flare to add chic styles that are trendy into your 3-ring binder. Also, find sketches and swatches that show creativity and taste for flair. Some make their Lookbooks professional or user friendly. By doing so, you can use plastic sleeves of a 3-ring binder to protect the pages of fashion styles you’ve created or you can add dividers to separate different attires for different occasion. You can even create a poster collage or make a video of your Lookbook. There are many Lookbooks used as a reference under video recording that are done by many companies who showcase their latest designs. Again, this is your Lookbook and it’s up to you on how you want to create it.

As a Fashionista, I believe Lookbooks are a great resource for anyone. Whether you are a small town girl or a  fashion designer showcasing your latest designs, it’s a perfect way to express yourself. Lookbooks give a fashionable statement in and of themselves. The purpose of Lookbooks refreshes your mind with the latest styles and trends. Lookbooks are a chance to let style shine, so they are great for inspiring yourself and others.

If you do not know how to wear your favorite vintage pieces, Lookbooks are a great resource.  Below I have put some examples of online Lookbooks from companies and a video of personal Lookbooks. Let me know what you think of them.

 Zara Spring/Summer ’11: A Taste Of What’s To Come Lookbook from FABSUGAR 

This photo of Zara’s Spring/Summer wear inspires people to create an artistic Lookbook. The styles are so far from being what is expected that orginality tramples over the common design of fashion. It continues to spark interest as it offers sensibility with it’s appealing colors and unique fabrics. If you are wanting to view more of Zara’s Lookbook, click here, for the fashion-forward look with sophistication at it’s best. (Street Style): is a common website for trendy looks is a website that helps maintain creative ability for those who love fashion. “It’s the epicenter of fashion media. Home to the Web’s most creative, relevant style content, LOOKBOOKS streamlines fashion on the web and provides a platform for creative professionals to connect and inspire one another. We showcase the the most inspirational, relevant, and influential content for fashion industry leaders. We keep you at the pulse of fashion.” It’s the perfect website to explore and read current fashion news right at your finger tips. Take a look for yourself, it’s a great way to start a Lookbook digitally. (LOOKBOOKS.COM)

Look. Watch. Shop. Teen Vogue shows there Look Books

 Check out the latest styles from various companies like Vans, Guess, Fashion U, and Macy’s located on Teen Vogue’s website. Their online site has a easy tabs to locate categories according to what brand you like most. Teen Vogue’s Lookbooks are colorful, cute and easy to access. View Teen Vogue’s website now.

Video: H&M’s  SPRING/SUMMER 2011 LOOK BOOK Women’s Fashion Trends 

H&M’s video Lookbook has great visuals and effects. With the various styles presented, H&M gave a great example as to what a video Lookbook would look like. It’s fun and simple in putting together a wardrobe, finding models and someone to do hair and makeup just for a visual Lookbook. It’s a great concept once you get all the little things out of the way. Please (click here) to view the video.

Start making your Lookbook today!  

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