Kaj Designs: Fashion exists through landscape “Caribbean Style”

by Taja Scott on Jan 19th, 2011 in Designers, News

Kaj Designs gives a taste of the Caribbean style,  showcasing vibrant colors and a high sense of individuality in each frame of clothing. The self-taught designer, Kevin Ayoung-Julien launched his pieces beginning in 2005; to debut his custom made designs called, “Chachalaca another name for Tobago’s native bird, the Corico.”

Shore Culture being the first ever resort designs offered by Kaj Designs exceeds the luxurious feel of the Caribbean.Kevin made numerous collections such as this piece above called “Indigo Sands.” There are various styles long and short with a soft blue touch to accentuate the landscape look.

He won many awards starting with the National Youth Awards ceremony for entrepreneurship in August 2007 and in December 2007, he was given the Innovation/Invention Achiever Award by the National Youth Action Committee. He was highly recognised for his costume designing skills by Tobago’s 2007 carnival competition.

Noticing his graceful collection, Kevin Ayoung-Julien is back to show that fashion exists through the Caribbean landscape.

For more information about Kaj Designs visit: Kaj Designs website (Click here)

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