Hungry for HUDSON COLLECTION Winter 2010!

by Sabrina Maddeaux on Oct 12th, 2010 in Product Reviews

Ben Taverniti’s HUDSON COLLECTION is looking like a big hit for F/W 2010 with timeless, stylish looks. His inspired designs are enduring pieces that wear well on any body type, and versatile enough to hog a starring spot in any fashionista’s wardrobe for seasons to come!

Hudson Jeans has been turning out great styles since 2002, quickly succeeding in picking up a slew of celebrity fans. Stylish behinds all over fashion hubs like LA and NYC can be seen sporting their flattering fits. The newest members of the Hudson brand belong to Hudson Collection. The line’s Winter 2010 designs launched at Holt Renfrew last week to great reviews!

Each Collection style is categorized into one of four groups, signifying the inspiration behind each look- Standard, Bespoke, Shadow, and D.I.Y.

Standard is the style that comes from the classic HUDSON aesthetic in its “purist form.” With these pieces, denim becomes the new neutral. Standard is both modern and timeless, featuring uncomplicated washes and clean lines.

Bespoke designs are rooted in the craftsmanship of fine tailoring. These pieces boast overlock stitching and hand-styling. Menswear-inspired suiting details bring a hint of masculinity to the Bespoke look. This category is my personal favorite! I love the melding of traditional denim and modern suiting styles to create sleek, stylish pieces that are easily dressed up or down for any occasion. Shadow pieces have a bare minimum of details and put emphasis on the silhouette. Ultra light silk, stretch and boiled wool in dark washes create the shadowy silhouette of these garments.

D.I.Y. is a collection of hand-styled, unique pieces. The emphasis here is on individuality and rejecting conformity. These designs are easily recognized by their distressed washes and rough details, implying a history of interaction with the wearer.

Holt Renfrew is the exculsive retailer for Collection in Canada. Hurry over to their locations in Bloor, Yorkdale, and Vancouver to try on these fab new styles! They’ll be staples in your closet for years!


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