H&M’s Eco-Friendly Spring Collection

by Taja Scott on Mar 5th, 2011 in Announcements, Designers, News, Tips

 Spring is one of the best season’s of the year to start cleaning out your closet and revamp your style. It’s not uncommon to start shopping for spring wear now. Especially when summer is right around the corner. You will need a fresh start to a hot summer. So, why not wear H&M’s new Eco-Friendly collection with styles made for men, woman and children? The material is perfect for warm weather. The style and color of H&M’s new collection is very appealing for this years spring trends.

If you don’t know much about H&M, your missing out. “H&M operates in 38 countries and has 87,000 employees all working to the same philosophy: to bring you fashion and quality at the best price.” They are expanding countinuously, with over 2,000 stores spread across the markets. In their diligence to provide the best clothing for there customers, they’ve recently decided to launch The Conscious Collection. This collection will include clothing made from organic cotton, organic linen and recycled polyester, while jewelry and accessories will be made from things like recycled plastic.

The concept of H&M is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. ”At H&M quality is not only about making sure that our products meet and/or exceed customers’ expectations.” They refer there actions as Conscious. That’s why H&M named there new collection  The Conscious Collection for continuous work towards a more sustainable fashion future.

According to Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), the collection is part of the retailers effort to use only sustainable cotton by 2020.

On April 16th, the 69-piece collection will launch at prices starting at $10 and ending at $60. You can find more information concerning the collection prices on the Conscious Collection website.

The spring 2011 collection has a romantic appeal to it with a steaming white cotton look for summer months as well as spring. “The styles are draping, frilly tunics for the ladies, a tailored crisp and preppy feel for the guys.” It’s a perfect look to love.

Looking at H&M’s Couscious Collection, there are plenty of styles that will grab your attention.

Looks You”ll Love From The Conscious Collection

In comparison to their garden collection, this mixture of men, women, and children’s wear shows a fun, flirty side of light color mixtures that the entire family will love.

Who doesn’t love a handsome guy in a white blazered shirt? With this new collection, you’ll see a trend of preppy looks that are white two-button blazer, collarless shirts and T-shirts with Henley detailing at the neck. They are printed and striped T-shirts, tank top for layering and trousers are either five-pocket jeans or tailored.

For women’s wear, you will see a trend of floaty skirts with delicate designs that are inspired by romance.

Women’s wear are  full of blouses, tunics, T-shirts, long floaty skirts, cut-off shorts, blazers, pleated trousers, tiered dresses and dramatic Grecian gowns for night wear.

With these fabulous looks, you’ll be sure to revamp your closet.

What do you think about H&M’s new collection? Let us know your thoughts.


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Janet Crane
Mar 8 2011

latex catsuits is so fashion !