Hats: Summer’s much needed accessory

by Taja Scott on Jun 2nd, 2011 in Announcements, Tips

Summer vacation is coming up and you have a massive list of needed belongings. You’ve got your sunscreen. Your beach towel and fashionable summer wear. Now, your ready to go! Not. You forgot to pack a much needed accessory, a stylish hat (or two).

During winter, beanies of all kinds are worn to keep your head warm making you look as cute as ever.

During the summer, the right type of hat is worn for the scalp to reduce the cause of sun cancer. It’s also worn to keep the sun out of your eyes. Keeping you cool, safe, and stylish.

Although, some hats may seem outrageously designed for most males and females. Like hats worn at the recent royal wedding. They are prone to be a great accessory to your summer wardrobe. 

There are plenty of hats that are accessible for any outfit. They are even perfect for bad hair days. Where can you find these stylish hats and what hats are perfect this summer?

Most reasonably priced hats are found in stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Asos. Their variety of hats are designed like 70′s floppy hats to the vintage cowboy look. Other acquired taste for hats can be seen at Raulph Lauren and Fedoras.

Onto the current trend of summer hats

Hats you should get for the summer are in styles of the 70′s to other retro styles. Just as most trends, their are favorites from last year that are making a comeback. So, if you love a hat from last summer, feel the need to pull it out again this year. Hats are easy accessories to pull off for the summer. Plus, there really easy to style.

For casual wear in the sun, straw hats and cowboy hats is a classic style for summer. Men and women can wear cowboy hats because there subtle in style, their perfect in making the weather seem cooler, and there stylish.  Another look is the new wide brim hats which continues to grow in popularity. There uniquley made, drawing attention to your overall look. The hats show a sassy high fashioned look, in which many women want in their wardrobe. I personally, love wide brim hats. There made with seven inch brims giving you ultimate protection from the sun.

Let’s look at some trendy hats for the summer



I love Fendora hats for men, especially the straw hat design. You can find them at Forever 21 right now. This particular hat can range from $18.90 to $25.00 (depending on where you shop and what brand you choose). This hat is so adorable. It’s a speckled floppy hat from Forever 21 for only $12.80. This hat has speckles of color and rope trimming with beaded accents. If you love the adorable and light weight look, you should grab this hat right away!


This next cap, is a simple men’s cap that is fashionable and casual. You can wear this hat with jeans, dress pants, or kahky pants.  If your wondering what the cost would be, just check your local department stores. JCPenny’s, Macy’s, and Dillard’s has a wide variety for men (at a reasonable price).  I say this style is great for a night out in the town.

Last but not least, is my favorite hat…. It’s the sassy wide brim hat for women. This hat can suit many occasions like a picnic at the beach or a classy night out. It looks great with a sun dress and swim suit. Since it’s color is neutral, you can easily match it with your summer wear. I say purchase this hat for the best protection from the sun.

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