Flower Power

by Voronica P on Jul 5th, 2010 in Tips
Abisvs dress $250

Abisvs dress $250

We first started noticing floral prints in the early spring of this year and it has definitely made its mark once again in the summer of 2010.  Floral pieces are absolutely huge this season.  We are seeing an array of bright and colourful floral patterns on many skirts, dresses, tops and in some cases handbags and shoes.  Choosing the perfect floral print for your body type is key to looking  stylish rather than looking like you borrowed a piece from your grandmothers closet.  Generally the rule of thumb is as follows; the majority of flowers on a single piece should be proportional to the size of your hand.  You want to avoid looking over powered by the pattern. Especially if you are on the petite side.  Nothing looks worse than an outfit that wears you instead of you wearing it.  Another great tip  to keep your floral ensembles looking chic and stylish is to never mix different floral patters together. Wear them separately and match  with solid pieces to keep your look sharp and trendy.  Happy flower picking ladies!


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