Fashion Wear Trends: Is it always changing?

by Taja Scott on Feb 24th, 2011 in Announcements, Designers, News, Tips

Fashion wear trends are always existing through various cycles. It is not often that people’s desires for fashion trends remains the same. “Fashion trends do not change once in a season or once in a year in fact fashion trends keep changing everyday.” In today’s era, change in fashion has been significantly altered due to the expansion of fashion markets and cultural acceptance to fashion change. Let’s take a look below to see how fashion trends have changed over the years.

In the Post Industrial Revolution Era 

From the days of the Industrial Revolution of USA fashion trends has been a symbol of money, status, and power. “Until the late 1960’s, fashion was all about luxury. Only the rich could afford to buy luxuries trendy and fashionable clothes. It was just the symbol of high society. Another fact about these luxurious clothes was that though they looked beautiful from the outset they were at no cost comfortable to wear.“ Some people would also call them absurd and loony for wearing clothing of that nature. Imagine the discomfort that women used to face in wearing heavy and bottlenecked gown in high society meetings. This has tremendously changed in the post globalization era. Looking more into this era, we notice that fashion is more accepted amongst middle class men and women.

 In the Post Globalization Era

The Post Globalization Era starts to change fashion extremely. With the economic status of people within this era, it has increased the availability to buy fashion. Since it has increased the economy, people’s income increased significantly. Not only has people’s income increased, but also the cost production was lowered. This made it suitable for the middle class to buy and wear fashion like never before.

Today fashion has changed it’s ideal of what it should be. The luxurious wear from the Industrial days have changed extremely to comfort wear now. Trends have a new meaning to recycle wear while making a fashion statement. Fashion trends is catered towards comfortable wear for each season. Even top brands have changed the way there making clothing into the cozy wear, given the seasons nature. This is why trends change seasonally and yearly.

Also the focus of top brands has geared from the high society rich families to the middle class men and women in order to earn larger profits. When the economy changes sometimes it supports changing businesses with gaining profit for society. “Another change that has come is that today fashion wear of every region has reached every other region of the world partly because of globalization and partly because of increased fashion merchandising.” Now, the world has developed a way to host fashion events to keep globalizing fashion trends yearly.

 Leading Fashion Wear
Today only some brands have survived in the fashion markets which have changed the trends. “The fashion industry has seen the emergence of brands which have tried to address the needs of the middle class people and have flown with the tide of globalization.” Top known brands include Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Most of these companies use to cater only the high society, but now it has changed to better fit everyone in emerging the  fashion industry.


Tell me what you think about the change of fashion trends…

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Zahid Iqbal
May 29 2015

Angela Marris your opinion is correct but not completely correct, The brands with quality products can survive in the markey without gigantic marketing I believe.. We are working on fashion 2015 and all trends and forthcoming style events. lets see what happened in the next years.

angela morris
Jan 30 2012

I agree with you that not all brands survive in the market. As for me, there are times that I buy fake stuffs or imitations like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc co'z this brands are almost everywhere costing only half of the price of the original. Or usually, I tend to shop at co'z this is where you can find cheap clothing, cheap apparels and jewelries at a very cheaper price.