Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

by Taja Scott on Apr 11th, 2011 in Announcements, Events, News

 The 15th annual Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC)  campaign has begun!

This year’s charitable campaign is different from previous years. The charity campaign and it’s online partners has a new idea to create a complete FTBC line in support of the cause. Thirty percent of each sell will go to a charity called Breakthrough Breast Cancer benefiting cancer patients as it will go to cancer research. The goal is to raise more than 1 million for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. ”Each and every piece of FTBC’s collection has been designed specifically by  M&S, River Island, Warehouse, Topshop, Coast, Laura Ashley, and bottlegreen, to fit in with current trends.”  The prices are said to range from £1.50 to £157.

How did Fashion Targets Breast Cancer start?

Nina Hyde, a Fashion Editor of Washington Post, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and asked her friend Ralph Lauren for help in bringing attention to the disease. As time progressed, Nina passed in 1994 leaving behnind her friend Ralph Lauren who never gave up on his promise. He decided to launch the first FTBC collection at New York Fashion Week. There were various models who hit the runway sporting t-shirts that pose the bulls eye logo print. “Today the FTBC charity, an initiative of the CFDA Foundation, is active in over 10 countries.”

Where is the collection located?

The FTBC collection is located exclusively at Joe Fresh, and at other locations to be announced. The collection will include, “ A ‘Love’ T-shirt by Topshop, a heart print blouse from River Island and an Aamaya by Priyanka cocktail ring from It will also be in the Warehouse as another offering for consumers.”

 How long will this charity event last?

The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is a six week charitable shopping experience that is said to end on May 23rd. It’s a great campaign to get involved in, especially for those wanting to donate to a meaningful cause.

Facts about Breast Cancer

  • The youngest known survivor of breast cancer is Aleisha Hunter from Ontario, Canada. At only three years old, Aleisha underwent a complete mastectomy in 2010 to treat her juvenile strain of breast cancer.
  • The first operation to use anesthesia was a breast cancer surgery.
  • One in 9 women will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.
  • More than 2,800 women will die from the disease in a single year – making it the second most common cause of cancer deaths in females, after lung cancer.
  • Only 5-10% of breast cancers occur in women who have a genetic predisposition for it. However, women with the gene mutation run a lifetime risk as high as 4 in 5 of developing the disease. The risk of developing ovarian cancer also rises to 2 in 5.
  • It has been estimated that if every woman over the age of 50 had her yearly mammogram, breast cancer deaths in this age group would drop by 25% or more.
  • Breast cancer in men is rare, accounting for approximately 1% of breast cancer rates in the U.S. Nearly 400 men die of breast cancer each year. African American men are more likely to die from breast cancer than white men.

 Find out more info at and the Fashion Target’s Breast Cancer Youtube channel.

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