Fashion for Super Bowl: What’s your style?

by Taja Scott on Feb 4th, 2011 in Announcements, Events, News, Tips

Where are my football fans? Come on ladies, you know you love the stylish tights pants and huge shoulder pads. Even if their not your favorite style.  This year’s Superbowl game will be an event to remember. A great performance from Faith Hill is set in place for  the 2011 Super Bowl. She’s known to rock out a sporty look, so why can’t you? Jeans, jersey’s, tights, and casual shorts are an easy fit to a sporting event. The fashion event of the year is not only for fashion week, but it’s also for the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers, is an event like no other. It’s the perfect time to shed light on your casual wear. With events like this, you must have your game face on (including your outfit). Especially, considering the location of Miami, Florida, you must look the part. Not everyone is able to attend this event, but having your own Super Bowl party is a great excuse to show off your fashion style. 

A  fashion style represents your team and personality, whether your dressing in your favorite teams jersey or latest trend. Finding out what to wear is simple especially when it comes to football. The question is what is your style? It’s important to dress casual yet stylish to look nice for the occasion. Wearing jeans and your teams jersey for a football game is trendy, affordable, and easy. I personally enjoy jeans and a nice top to show-off a semi-dressy attire. It’s perfect! Now, what outfit is stylish yet comfy enough to wear during a long and intriguing game?

Noticing the past trends and current trends, we’ve realized that every one’s looks’ for the Super Bowl has the same t-shirt, jacket and jean style with the cutest accessories. Jersey’s and jeans are the top looks for this occasion. Depending on your team jersey’s color, you can wear any dark colored jeans or stylish tights to show off your look. It’s a great investment to purchase a trendy top or a cute jersey for this event. Think about it… you can wear it to other sporting events, to the grocery store, or even to a casual date with your significant other. It’s a win-win situation!

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale sets a tone with their casual look. Showing that casual wear is still stylish if you wear your style your way. Let’s view the outfits of our choice that look best for this event. Keep in mind that you do not have to wear exactly what each picture shows, but something similar to it.

Celeb Looks:

Kim Kardashian sports a shear blouse, black tank top with vintage jeans and fashionable high heels. Viewing her accessories, she wears a black handbag and simple shades that accentuates her outfit to a tee. It’s not too much, and it’s not too dull. Although, she could look good in just about anything, you notice that she pulls it off because she keeps it simple and classy.

Onto Ashley Tisdale giving a younger viewer’s approach…

She starts her appealing look with soft colors, and bold eye wear. Her jeans are two toned, yet retro and her handbag is black with gold accents on the bottom. Looking at her other accessories, each one has a color to match her personality, outfit and hair color. The bracelets are black, pearl, tan, and brown to coordinate with her overall look. Ashley’s sunglasses are bold and red to show her youthful side, and her top is a two-toned material top with a printed action figure. Oh, and we can’t forget the boots! Those boots are cute, with it’s even toned tan look; topping off her overall look.

Personal Looks:

Neutral colors are in with any jean look. Every outfit can be simple with less variant colors giving you a soft appeal as you sport your look. Looking at the picture above, you see simple colors, but different looks. The khaki look to your left shows a stylish girl with a light navy green, yet still wanting to look sporty. The girl on the right shows a white top, shaded blue jeans and tan heels to complete her overall casual look. This look can be put together by anyone.

This next picture shows you other looks that can be optional to a game or Super bowl party.

Each picture shows a  vibrant wear that can appeal to anyone if there wanting to look younger and stylish. A cute over coat, chic headband and adorable bracelets are quick to throw on when dressing up such a casual outfit. Notice the girl with a stripe black and white top and simple black pants wearing a long gold and tan necklace to dress up her causal look. Even her head wrap styles her overall look.

Once  basketball playoffs begin, I’ll sport my Miami Heat jersey, but as for now, I’ll sport a chic top with stylish jeans to show my fashion style.

Don’t forget the Super Bowl is Sunday, February 6, 2011 – 6:30pm ET on FOX.

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