Dress to impress this Valentines Day

by Taja Scott on Feb 10th, 2011 in Announcements, Designers, Events, Tips

“But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?  It is the East and Juliet is the sun!”

Valentines Day. The day of love, romance, flowers and candy. The day to express your love for all to whom you care so greatly about. But do you care so much about others that you forget about yourself? This Valentines Day, I say, go out and find that eye-catching outfit and dress up to impress. It comes only once a year and it’s a great excuse to wear bright reds or hot pinks. It’s a way to show yourself  love for the night’s occasion. If your hanging out with friends or spending time with that special someone, dress up! You’ll feel good about yourself!

We all want to look like celebrities on a runway, but the only way to dress up for this occasion would be to consider new colors and new looks for Valentines Day. It’s a day that makes every person become more considerate of new things.  Besides, doing something a little special or buying a gift, dressing extra nice is pretty important.  No matter where you are in a relationship or how long you have been with that person, it can be hard deciding what to wear for the big day.  Picking out something appropriate, flirty, and sophisticated is a tricky task. A way to find the perfect outfit is trying out a new store that you’d never thought to shop at. Make sure it’s sophisticated yet casual wear that would have you jumping to purchase your new look. Clothing stores that have Valentine sales are  Express (For Her), LuLu’s, and bebe’s. Each store is having a Valentines Day sale until Monday. They all have cute dresses, stylish accessories  and casual wear that turns heads when you walk into a room.  Also, you can check out their websites for all kinds of Valentine looks just to get ideas of what to wear.

 ”Bebe has nice quality clothing that helps women look very hot and cute no matter what you choose.  Whether you choose a ruffle blouse, corset top or a red satin dress, you will be guaranteed to receive positive attention.” LuLu’s has the latest for a fashionably hip dress providing great value, quality, and superb customer service. Express is known for it’s classic, chic look that would have any girl dressed to impress. 

One of the many trends in fashion are lace. It’s lovely and extravagant. If you don’t plan to purchase anything from a store, but would like to use what you already have, you can consider looking for materials that are silky, satin, or lace. Great colors to wear for an occasion such as this would be pink’s, gold, creams, and blacks because their common and cute.

One of the main outfits to wear would most likely be a dress, but since it’s a little chilly out you can wear leggings/tights to cover up your chilly legs. There are all sorts of tights with various designs that could complement your outfit. Add accessories that will pop out to give your outfit an appealing look. So, keep it simple whatever you choose to wear. It’s your special day no matter how you look at it.

Fashion Hungry has chosen outfits to suit this occasion. Choose what’s best for you! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Chic Looks From Bebe:

 Sophisticated Black & Gray Dresses from Express:

 Fall 2011 Winter Looks in Red: Perfect for Valentines Day 

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Van Woods
Feb 14 2011

The Red row is just awesome, Especially the last in Red row. red dresses always have an everlasting impression on Valentine day.
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