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by Taja Scott on Mar 21st, 2011 in Designers, Events, Tips

Talk about many events in one, Los Angeles had its own fashion week, in over the last 10 days or so, showcasing designers work in various types of events. It was a perfect event put on for the media and buyers.

Designers like Mike Vensel and Valerj Pobega had the opportunity to show some of their most recent work in a gallery for many people. The L.A. Times says, “Mike Vensel showed two vivid red dresses worn by models perched on a large rock. Valerj Pobega’s line was vaudeville meets 1930s Berlin, with green wool army blanket-looking capes that had medallion brooches at the neck and were painted with star graphics. Models wore Marilyn Manson-esque running eye makeup and bondage-inspired dresses festooned with undulating ruffled collars.”

Mike Vensel vivid dresses had a meaning behind them. The colors black and red were inspired by two very different sources.  The Mid Century Modern Architect Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall and the fluid colorful simplicity of the African Maasai tribal clothing. It’s struture and simplcity helped to explore his cretive abilites. “From function and color, Mike Vensel created silhouettes in the most minimal forms, void of unnecessary closures, excessive sewing and ornate details. Creating wearable clothes with some artistic touches, Mike Vensel continues to expand his fan base season after season.”
At the Ace gallery second- floor mid-Wilshire hosted several artists like the Date Farmers for the season’s inaugural event March 11, which drew a crowd. They are a two man duo from Indio, California. The Date Farmers are Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez. Their name was coined early in their careers after joining artistic forces in 1998. Paintings, collages, and sculptures, are infused with both commercial references and political content. “Rooted in their Mexican-American heritage and Californian pop culture, their work contains elements influenced by graffiti, Mexican street murals, traditional revolutionary posters, prison art, Oaxacan sign painting, and tattoo art.”

For more information on L.A. Fashion Week, go to LAFashionWeek to view more of the show venues.

Prom dresses you’ll love especially when your on a budget

 Finding a special prom dress is not that easy especially when your on a budget. It’s a great occasion and one of the best times of your life. Yet, you want to look good. I completey understand. That’s why their are plenty of online stores and boutiques around town wanting to help you. I have researched great places to purchase your prom dress from $40 dollars to $200. Depending on how deep your pocket is, you can always shop at any local department store. They will definitely have what your looking for.

Now, the spring trends are of course soft,vibrant colors with extending gowns. But in fashion- styles repeat themselves. A trend in prom dresses are printed patterns to the traditional formal wear. You can pick out a plain formal dress or a vivacious gown that shows your fun side.  No matter what you choose make sure it’s  something that you will feel confident and beautiful in.

Dresses that I have found to be classy, fun and comfortable are below. Utilizing accessorices will dress up any gown.

This off-shoulder purple Maxi dress from ASOS is perfect for any girl. The original price was $82.48 and it is now on sale for $41.24. It’s reasonably priced and great for any budget. To purchase this dress go to ASOS  website.

Another great dress to purchase is the strapeless yellow- green cocktail dress. It has a  soft sprinkle of beads across the top of the dress and curves hugging the body in a warm glow. It’s a dress that shows a subtle, playful appeal to it. It’s sure to give you compliments on your legs!  The price of this dress is only $49.99. Imagine what the orignal the price used to be. Go to Next Eve for details!

For an elegant, electric style, is a great online store with a variety of prom dresses at your finger tips. They cater to all shapes and sizes and they not only sell prom dresses, but they also sell other products collections like formal dresses, and bridesmaid gowns under $100. “You can seek the desired prom dress by color, price and style.”

This soft peach sweetheart dress is $130.00.  It’s elegance is perfect as you enjoy your date on a night of slow dance at the prom. Talk about dreamy, as any dress at Rs2 you can order your dress according to your style and shape.

The final choice of a printed unique prom dress is by La Femme for only $198.00. A white chic long dress with unique print and colors of purple, turquoise, and fuschia is perfect for the prom! It accentuates every curve to make you feel untouchable yet classy. There are beads around the straps and the back is low cut. If you would like to choose this dress, go to PROM GIRL to purchase. 

Enjoy your prom!

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