Best of Bridal Fashion Week: Spring 2011

by Taja Scott on Jan 27th, 2011 in Announcements, Designers, Events, News

How many of you are getting married this year? Or, how many of you are planning to get married in the near future? Well, have I got a treat for you! I was inspired by a friend who’s planning her wedding for the spring  and I stumbled upon a page of gorgeous bridal gowns. Boy, is it a job trying to locate that PERFECT dress. Their are so many beautiful choices, yet how can you choose..

I’m here to help!

A woman’s wedding dress should be molded from her personality that no one can identify where and how she is able to find a MAGNIFICENT DRESS. It’s all about you and your day.

Looking into the best of bridal fashion week, you will notice a dreamy, classy, and elegant design of bridal wear that would fit any girl. These gowns are from various desginers presented at the New York & Milan Spring Bridal Fashion Week. Let’s take a look below at these must have bridal gowns:

This dress is a great dress for spring or summer, with it’s light colors and graceful flowers pampering the flow of the dress.   

Vera Wang, Romona Keveza: Floral Accents
“Spring blooms made their way onto wedding gowns this season- waistbands, skirts and even entire gowns were covered with appliqued blooms.”


Ines Di Santo’s bridal gowns are not only breath-taking, but their amazingly appealing to the eye. These showstopping gowns are perfectly assembled for a woman’s body.

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