Barrett Alley: One Man Operation

by Taja Scott on Jan 16th, 2011 in Designers, Product Reviews

Based in Dallas Texas, Mr. Barrett Alley is a multi-talented accessory maker of handmade leather goods. The most interesting thing about the process is his selection of organic materials. There are many materials such as leather, glass, vintage metals, cotton, linen, and bone. For lining, he uses  US vegetable tanned leather and some supplies of antique Japanese and American fabrics.  As for the buttons that serve as fasteners, he uses Vintage American metal. Including  help from Ireland, their waxed linen thread creates that special touch.

Barrett Alley has not only shown that one man can create accessories so beautifully, but he has also shown us that accessories should be thoughtfully created.

Speaking of thoughtfully created, our most liked accessory from Barrett Alley are his one of a kind bracelets. They are not your ordinary bracelets. Each bracelet has their own unique look and feel to it. For review, we have received some sample bracelets. There are seven bracelet’s ranging from $45- $145, that I would like to share with you. 

Let’s take a look at:

(Notice the links below tagged as the  bracelet title)

Eli Bracelet: It’s a hand stitched goatskin leather strap that has a metal button closure with a cost of $60. With the texture and limited supply, I think it’s worth the cost.

Valerie Bracelet: Simple is better when looking at this graceful design. The horsehide strap and vintage American metal closure sets off the casual everyday wearable bracelet. Also, shown in three other types & shades as a cowhide strap; only costing $45. I would definitely buy this bracelet.

Changing from simplicity to a patriotic feel, we take a look at a Francine bracelet giving the American red and cream color made out of cotton cloth costing $60. Given the option of color, I’d say it’s a great choice for adding a color vibe to your accessories.

The braided Salome Bracelet is a vintage accessory that could go with just about any look. It’s umber color and circumference could fit anyone and everyone, pricing at $55.

This rabbit fur bracelet is my favorite! With it’s beautiful white fur and waxed Irish linen cord makes the Dakota Bracelet one of his best bracelet accessories so far, cost is $145.

For more information on Barret Alley and his one man operation, visit the Barrett Alley website.

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