About Us

Enter into a forward-thinking community where everyday people can be stylists and designers. Here, streets are the new runways.

Welcome to Fashion Hungry, a revolutionary way of exchanging fashion and style.

More than a website with the latest fashion news, Fashion Hungry an interactive experience that puts fashion back in the hands of the public and encourages participation rather than mere observation. Users’ ability to share, discuss, and compete with one another makes Fashion Hungry a collective hub for social networking, trend forecasting, and fun!

Fashion Hungry members can upload their latest styles (photos of themselves), tag the origin and cost of each clothing item, and receive feedback from other users. They can even challenge other style gurus to head-to-head Style Battles, letting the public vote for the hottest look!

Mixing fashion and technology isn’t new; but the ability to tag individual items of clothing and provide information about them is. This is part of what makes Fashion Hungry so innovative and exciting.

Members can also stay on top of the latest trends by checking out the Fashion Hungry blog, a source for features on popular designers, boutiques and style icons.

There is no charge for membership, and users don't have to be industry insiders to enjoy the site.

Fashion Hungry is here to fill your appetite for everything new and stylish, providing everyone with a delicious taste of the fashion world’s bright lights and creative genius!